Warrington Lodge of Concord No 1250 remembers

At the last meeting of the Warrington Lodge of Concord No1250, the meeting was devoted to honouring a former brother of Lodge No1250, originally named Gilbert Greenall Lodge.

Percy Carter was born in 1877 he lived and worked in the Warrington area. He was initiated into Gilbert Greenall Lodge in 1910, aged 33 years. Inevitably he became eligible for service in the Great War, in which he served honourably in the 55th West Lancashire Division, rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

In the spring offensive of 1918 he was killed on 9 April in the Battle of Lys, one hundred years and one day prior to this April lodge meeting. The lodge was read a research paper, prepared by Caroline Gibson Crook, archivist of the Warrington Museum of Freemasonry. The complete document can be found on the Museum’s website at: museum.westlancsfreemasons.org under the heading projects: Warrington Freemasons lost in WW1.

At the end of the presentation to our `Fallen Brethren`, the WM asked the brethren to stand in respect principally for `Departed Merit` for Lt Percy Carter as they reflected on those awful times and in remembrance of him.

It was also in memory of all those involved in conflicts throughout the world during and since the Great War that was described after the Armistice by many as `The War to end all Wars`.
On the previous day which marked the 100th year of his death, a wreath was placed on the plaque within the Warrington Masonic Hall which commemorates his death courtesy of lodge member and DC, Christopher Todd.

 Pictured are: John McIntyre (left) and Robert Wilson