Warrington Light Blues Club, Thai Boxing Social

Well, what a knockout night that was! Five members of the Warrington Light Blues Club and a special guest enjoyed an excellent evening of 16 bouts of various boxing disciplines at the Fusion Club in Liverpool in December. It all began two weeks ago when Light Blues Chairman Glen Screeton was offered six tickets for sale by his cousin Mark Cannon who is the resident coach of Thai Boxing at Masda Gym in Liverpool.

Glen thought the £35 tickets available to the Light Blues would be snapped up by the usual boxing enthusiasts and how right he was. To keep the costs down the plan was to pile in Glen’s people carrier for the short journey.

Sadly on the morning of the event one of the members had to drop out so it was on to the ‘first refusal list’ to see who wanted the ticket and who should step up, our very own Warrington Group Chairman Andy Barton who was raring to go! Great news as it saved a payment for a ‘no-show’ which isn’t good for anybody.

The group departed from the Masonic Hall at 2:30pm on the dot and after a brief stop to put a bit of ‘wind’ in the tyres they arrived at 3:30pm. First stop was the ‘sit-in’ gourmet pie shop near the Concert Square for a cracking bite to eat and liquid refreshment of course!

They arrived at the venue in good time for around 5:00pm and from there on in the bouts of Thai Boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA) and even a single ladies boxing bout were electric. The atmosphere could only be described as ‘gladiatorial’ especially for MMA which is really quite brutal up close and the group was literally ringside at an excellent table.

‘Action ready’

The kitty contributions ensured that everyone had refreshments and it proved to be a cracking night enjoyed by all before arriving back in Warrington for 10:30pm. Masda Coach, Mark was truly delighted by the Masonic presence and support saying he was very flattered by Andy Barton’s kind words on sportsmanship and professionalism.

Pictured from left to right, are: Pat Hayden, David Rogers, Mat Crawley, Ned Kelly, Glen Screeton and Andy Barton.

Mark intends to keep Glen informed of future events including a Black Tie Boxing Dinner at The Adelphi. So watch this space Light Blues and guests!


Story by Glen Screeton and pictures by Andy Barton.