Warrington Group launches the ‘Travelling Gavel’

At the social board following the first meeting of the Lodge of Lights No 148, Andy Barton Warrington Group Chairman presented the ‘Travelling Gavel’ to Dr David Harrison WM.

Pictured: Andy Barton Warrington Group Chairman (left) presenting the Gavel to Dr David Harrison (WM)

‘The Chairman’s Travelling Gavel’ as it is known, is an initiative that has been introduced to encourage more visiting between lodges in the group.

It’s simple and competitive and has proved to be a success in other groups within the Province.

This is how it works: The WM of the lodge holding the ‘Travelling Gavel’ uses it during their festive board and challenges visitors within the group to claim it. The minimum requirement for a successful claim is 3 visitors, (one of which MUST be the master or one of the two wardens) from the same visiting lodge.

The Chairman’s Travelling Gavel

Whichever lodge has the highest visitor representation claims the ‘Travelling Gavel’. Where two or more lodges provide the same number of visitors then the lodge with the newest made Freemason is the winner, so make sure you know the date you were initiated!

In order not to spark a lengthy debate at the festive board, the claimant lodge should have their number of visitors total and their newest brother’s initiation date ready.

Visitors must sign the lodge tyler’s book for means of verification and where a visitor is a member of more than one lodge within the group, the first lodge recorded against his name will be the only one to count.

Andy has already issued more details on the actual mechanics of how this is to be registered along with some administration points. He says the gavel can be claimed at any meeting but unfortunately visitors from outside the Warrington Group of Lodges are NOT eligible to claim the ‘Chairman’s Travelling Gavel’.

So to all Warrington Masons, your first chance to challenge the ownership will be on the 22 October at the Lodge of Lights No 148.