Gordon praises lodge’s gift to charities

Over 40 members and guests attended Warrington Masonic Hall to witness Derek Hazlehurst being installed into the chair of King Solomon in Warrington Temple Lodge No 6420. This was the second time for Derek to be installed as WM in this lodge.

Gordon Amos (left) congratulating Derek Hazlehurst.

Gordon Amos (left) congratulating Derek Hazlehurst.

Frank O’Neill, the installing master, welcomed members and guests with his good wishes and hoped everyone would have an enjoyable evening. Frank opened the lodge and conducted the normal administration and formalities.

Gordon Amos, the principal guest and representative of the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, was admitted in due ceremonial style and was accompanied by grand officer Derek Hunt, along with group chairman Andy Barton. Frank greeted them saying he hoped they would have an enjoyable evening.

Frank asked Norman Pritchard to act as SW, Charles Carr as JW and Bill Hinchliffe as IG. They all accepted stating it would be an honour and privilege. Derek Hazlehurst was then presented by John Moreton and Alan Greggs to Frank to receive at his hand the benefit of installation. Derek was then installed into the chair of King Solomon according to ancient custom.

Kevin Hickman, acting director of ceremonies, proclaimed Derek as the WM until the next regular period of election. This being Derek’s second time as WM, the ceremony was somewhat shorter than usual, but just as enjoyable, being a relaxed atmosphere but with all due reverence, humility and sincerity.

The third degree working tools were explained by Alan Greggs, second degree working tools by Bob Armstrong and the first degree working tools by Peter Barton. The address to the WM was delivered by John Moreton, the address to the wardens by Kevin Hickman and Gordon Amos delivered the address to the brethren. All were delivered in an exemplary manner which completed the installation ceremony.

Immediately following the installation, Gordon, on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, congratulated Derek on being installed again into the chair of such a warm and friendly lodge, commenting that the ceremony was faultless and a pleasure to witness. He also praised Frank as installing master and Kevin for the smooth running of the ceremony and the members of the lodge for their work. He extended his good wishes to all present and hoped Derek and all his officers would have a productive year and wished everyone the best of health to enjoy it to the full.

At this juncture Derek conducted his first duty as WM, which was to present the charity donations to Gordon. The donations were to; The Warrington Masonic Hall £100, West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity £200, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital £200 and St Rocco’s Hospice £100, totalling £600. Gordon received the donations saying how pleased he was to receive such magnificent sums of money, particularly from such a small lodge. He praised all concerned saying it was such a remarkable amount and thanked the lodge brethren on behalf of the recipients, stating that the donations would be gratefully applied.

The catering staff supplied an excellent four course meal which was enjoyed by all present. Following the meal a raffle was held which raised over £130. The master’s song was sung by Norman Pritchard accompanied by Ray Illingworth.

On behalf of the brethren, Gordon was presented with a bouquet of flowers, which he received with thanks saying his wife would enjoy them greatly. He once again extended the good wishes of the Provincial Grand Master and closed by saying that the lodge was in good hands and thanked everyone present for making the evening so enjoyable.

Pictured from left to right, are: Andy Barton, Gordon Amos, Derek Hazlehurst, Frank O’Neill, and Derek Hunt.

Pictured from left to right, are: Andy Barton, Gordon Amos, Derek Hazlehurst, Frank O’Neill, and Derek Hunt.

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