Lee prepares for the Great Manchester Run

Lee Marsh has been a Freemason for 16 years and was a member of the East Lancashire Provincial Communications Committee and District Communications Officer.

He has been a member of West Lancashire since joining Old Masonians West Lancashire Chapter at Warrington, in 2004 and has recently joined a West Lancashire craft lodge, Newton Lodge meeting in Warrington.

Lee is the managing director of a health and safety consultancy/training business based in Warrington

In 2006 he  received Queen’s Honours for “services to mankind” and was admitted into a Royal Order of Chivalry on instructions from Her Majesty the Queen.

He is married to Joanne, a Nurse at Salford Royal Hospital who is also a keen volunteer.

Lee has spent over 25 year’s hands volunteering and fundraising. He was a Commissioner for St John Ambulance and still enjoys volunteering and training other volunteers.

Lee say’s he is not the fittest of people, and is running the Great Manchester Run on 28 May 2017 for two reasons, the first to improve his fitness and the second is to raise £800 for the West Lancashire Masonic Charitable Foundation 2021 Festival.

Lee is asking for the fuel of encouragement from family, friends and brethren in their generosity, good wishes and prayers.

Lee said: “I have seen first-hand the benefits and the difference the MCF can make in changing lives, and anyone who has ever experienced the need for hospice care of a loved one or friend will have also seen first-hand, whether they knew it or not, the work of the MCF in action as it supports hospices throughout England and Wales.

You can encourage and support me using this link https://fest2021.everydayhero.com/uk/lee as well as keeping track of my progress.

I believe that ‘Someday’ doesn’t exist, never has and never will, there is no ‘Someday’, only ‘Today’. I was once told that for most of us we cannot make a big difference in one giant leap like superman, but we can make big differences by taking one small step at a time like running the Great Manchester Run.

That is precisely my aim, to encourage and enable others to give, even the smallest of amounts in support of an organisation that gives not only to Freemasons and their dependants, but also to other amazing charities and good causes on our behalf as Freemasons, it gives far more than we individually can ever give back, but together supporting those fundraising can make those small steps into big differences, life changing differences.”


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