Jim does it again

The installation meeting of Travellers Chapter No 4679 was well attended by nearly 30 members and guests and they enjoyed the very happy event of James Cartledge (Jim), being installed as first principal of the chapter by proclamation, to serve for a second year as first principal.

Frank Davies (left) congratulating Jim and Paul.

Frank Davies (left) congratulating Jim and Paul.

Following the opening of the chapter by Jim Cartledge as first principal, Wayne Robinson acting as second principal and Andy Sharp as third principal, director of ceremonies Charles Carr announced that Frank Davies PGStdB, the principal guest, was without and requested admission. Frank was then admitted with all due reverence accompanied by acting Provincial grand officers Peter Blease, Alan Yates and Andy Barton (group chairman).

Jim welcomed Frank and all the dignitaries to the chapter and extended his welcome to all members and guests. Frank thanked Jim and offered his thanks to all present.

Jim requested Wayne to continue to act as second principal for the installation ceremony, Wayne agreed saying he would be delighted to assist. Jim continued by asking David Finlay to help by occupying the third principal’s chair and Eric Main to act as Scribe Nehemiah, which they both accepted, saying they would be delighted to assist.

Charles then presented Andy Sharp and Paul Rigby as the second and third principals to be installed. The two were then installed according to ancient custom.

The robe address to Andy as second principal was delivered by Ian Rowan; the third principal robe address was delivered to Paul by Andy Sharp.

Jim (left) and Paul.

Jim (left) and Paul.

The address to the three principals was expertly delivered by Chris Eyres and the address to the companions was faultlessly delivered by Frank.

Immediately following the installation ceremony Frank on his own behalf and on behalf of Tony Harrison, Provincial Grand Superintendent, congratulated the three principals on being installed into their respective chairs and wished them health and happiness for a good year. He also congratulated David, Wayne and Charles for an excellent ceremony.

Jim’s first job was to present Frank with a charity donation of £200 to West Lancashire Freemason’s Charity. Frank thanked Jim and the companions for such a good amount from a small chapter saying he was very pleased to be able to pass on the donation to the recipient.

A three course festive board then followed consisting of stuffed mushrooms, salmon en croute, pear Belle Helene and was very much enjoyed by all present.

Frank responded to the toast to the grand officers saying that he always feels so much at home at Warrington, mainly because as soon as he walked into the building he was so well greeted by so many companions whom he recognised. He thanked the companions again for the charity donation and special thanks went to Peter and Alan (acting Provincial grand officers) for their support. He also thanked Andy Barton, Chris Gleave (group vice chairman) and John McIntyre (group secretary) for their hospitality, support and friendliness.

A raffle was held that generated £91, which was in addition to £30 from the alms plate collection, providing a total of £121 for charity. The evening was brought to a close by Geoff Bond offering the janitors toast.

Pictured from left to right, are: Alan Yates, Andy Barton, Frank Davies, Jim Cartledge, Paul Rigby, Charles Carr and Peter Blease.

Pictured from left to right, are: Alan Yates, Andy Barton, Frank Davies, Jim Cartledge, Paul Rigby, Charles Carr and Peter Blease.

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