March 2017
27MondayLodge of Lights18:30 PromptThird Degree Ceremony of Bro. Philip James Unsworth
28TuesdayBoteler Lodge5:00pmInstallation meeting
April 2017
1SaturdayWarrington Lodge of Concord18:00 for 18:30Ladies Evening
3MondayBirchwood LodgeLodge Meeting
4TuesdayLodge of Great Endeavour18:30Third Degree Ceremony of Bro. C Hollowood.
4TuesdayOSM Warrington Conclave
5WednesdayEdmund Plantagenet
6ThursdayLodge of Charity Lodge Meeting
8SaturdayBirchwood LodgeSocial Evening
Dancing, Singing, Bingo, a quiz and Hotpot all for £10
10MondayProvincial Grand Chapter
10MondaySt Austin's Mark
10MondaySt Austin’s RAM
11TuesdayWarrington Lodge of Concord 18:30Master Masons are to receive explanations of the : Third Degree Tracing Board from WBro PW Maskall PPr SGD. Third Degree Charge from WBro TW Robinson PPrJGW. Third Degree Tools from Bro R Wilson, Junior Warden
12WednesdayTrue Light Lodge of FriendshipLodge Meeting
13ThursdayNewton Lodge  Lodge Meeting
13ThursdaySt. Oswald LodgeTo receive a talk by W.Bro. J. T. Leviston, P.Pr.J.G.D. entitled 'Aspects of the New York First Degree Ceremony'
14ThursdayProvincial Grand ChapterChapter Meeting
19WednesdayRed Cross of ConstantineInstallation
19WednesdayWarrington Temple LodgeLodge Meeting
20ThursdayTravellers Lodge 18:30Second Degree Ceremony
22SaturdayWarrington Group18:30 for 19:00St George’s Day Dinner
24MondayLodge of Lights "John Tunnah and the Craft"
25TuesdayGilbert Greenall ChapterChapter Meeting
27ThursdayAshmole LodgeLodge Meeting
27ThursdayTraveller's ChapterInstallation
28WednesdayMersey Valley LOIM (St. Helens)Lodge Meeting
May 2017
2TuesdayLodge of Great EndeavourLodge Meeting
4ThursdayLodge of CharityLodge Meeting
8MondayOld Masonians WL Chapter
8MondayBirchwood Lodge17:00Installation Meeting
9TuesdayWarrington Lodge of ConcordLodge Meeting
11ThursdayNewton LodgeLodge Meeting
13SaturdayWarrington GroupGroup Giving Day
15MondayWest Lancs ProvinceProvincial Grand Lodge
16TuesdayAcademy LodgeLodge Meeting
17WednesdayWarrington Temple LodgeLodge Meeting
18ThursdayTravellers Lodge18:30Third Degree Ceremony
20SaturdaySt Oswald Lodge3:00pmInstallation meeting
22MondayLodge of LightsLodge Meeting
23TuesdayWarrington GroupGroup officers meeting
23TuesdayWarrington GroupGroup Officers Meeting
24WednesdayWarrington Rose Croix
30TuesdayWarrington GroupSecretaries Dinner
31WednesdayLoyalty Chapter (Widnes)
June 2017
1ThursdayWarrington GroupGroup Golf Day at Haydock Park
7TuesdaySRIA Mersey CollegeInstallation