Mock Debate on Famous Masons

The Debaters

The Debaters

Following the regular January Meeting of Travellers’ Lodge No 4679 they held a mock debate on the subject of Famous Masons.

The Travellers’ Lodge Amateur Dramatic members, after having received RADA training, (Really Awful Dialects and Accents), complete with characterised costumes which were supplied from the suave wardrobe of Rex Mallett began the debate. Several other brethren joined in the mood of the evening by dressing in loud, wild, colourful jackets and ties.

The audience of guests and families joined in the small lodge theatre and sat in the auditorium on the back benches of the lodge room. Following a brief introduction by Mike Hamilton, Andrew Kilgour the chair for the evening led and orchestrated a rumbustious, good humoured, eloquent, and funny exchange of views, pleasantries and retorts on famous masons. It was a meander through history via Elias Ashmole 1648, through the American Independence, the Alamo, the Battle of Waterloo, with visits to the moon and Tranquility Lodge No. 2000 on the way. It was a name droppers extravagance, as the exploits of famous masons were revealed. The poems of Robbie Burns and Rudyard Kipling were used to highlight the moral values of worthy Masons.

As the lodge has recently suffered the sad loss of some of our most stalwart members, the members briefly relayed our dearly departed brothers Masonic careers and they were recognised and celebrated as ‘worthy Masons’.

The audience was verbally lead to the conclusion, thanks to a united chorus of Robbie Burns (and some Scot’s accents by the brethren, some of which sounded scouse), to recognise that “The rank is but the guinea stamp, the man himself the gold”, which was hailed with rapturous applause.

The theatre closed and family and friends adjourned and continued the evening at a Ladies and Friends to Dine meal.