Warrington Museum of Freemasonry

The Warrington Museum of Freemasonry has been developed by a mixture of individual resourcefulness and generosity.

Kevin Poynton presenting the Charitable Organisation Certificate

Kevin Poynton presenting the Charitable Organisation Certificate

From its humble beginnings in 2010, with a small cup-board, to now with a room full of impressive and unusual artefacts many with interesting stories to tell. The trus-tees of Warrington Museum of Freemasonry (WMF) have been working tirelessly to achieve charitable status for the last 2 years, its acceptance in January this year was a cause for great celebration and the picture above shows Kevin Poynton Assistant Grand Master for West Lanca-shire presenting the certificate to Curator Vic Charles-worth and Archivist Caroline Crook. Vic Charlesworth said when talking about charitable status “this is a great step forward in the development of the museum and will help us to access specialist funds for the conservation and display of our wonderful artefacts”

The aim of the Museum is to stimulate a wide public interest in the history and development of Freemasonry and to establish the Museum as an integral part of the Warrington Cultural scene with a special focus on the Warrington Freemasons  their history and place in the local community.

On the 5th March 2015, the Museum was formally opened by the Provincial Grand Master of West Lancashire Tony Harrison. Barry Jameson welcomed Tony on behalf of the trustees, thanking him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to open the museum. Tony formally opened the museum by unveiling a plaque to mark the occasion.

Tony said he was delighted to be asked to open the museum which has a wide range of items that had been loaned or presented to the group over many years. Tony said: “I have never seen anything like this collection of Masonic regalia and memorabilia. It is a truly wonderful display”. We are very thankful for the help we have received from the Warrington Museum Curator Janice Hayes, Michelle Hill our museum mentor and Craig Sherwood.

The PGM officially opening the Museum

The PGM officially opening the Museum

The museum now has a wide range of artefacts and exhibits, and continues to collect and preserve records, ephemera and artefacts from Masonic and associated fraternal societies. The Museum includes both, permanent and changing displays. The large collection of books and records are available for research purposes. It provides a varied and high quality heritage experience for both Masons and non Masons

To further develop the museum, to care for, maintain and extend its collection, will require funding. The main source of income is through a “Friends of the Museum” initiative. The opportunity to become a “Friend” of the Museum through regular donations is available now, the cost being £10 per year.




To become a friend please contact :- Jim Cartledge treasurer@themasonicmuseum.co.uk

For loan/donation of items please contact :- Vic Charlesworth curator@themasonicmuseum.co.uk

Open on request to Vic Charlesworth curator@themasonicmuseum.co.uk or Caroline Crook archivist@themasonicmuseum.co.uk



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