Support For Charities


ST OSWALD Lodge has always been proud of its support for charities. Up to 2012 more than £45,000 has been donated to various charities directly by St Oswald Lodge and many more have benefited by our support of homes, local and Provincial bowling, golf and clay pigeon shooting competitions.

There have also been the annual gifts to our widows which have involved thousands of pounds and direct contributions to non-Masonic charities such as St Rocco’s Hospice.

From its first year of existence the lodge has also been a stalwart supporter of the Warrington Masonic Hall and has made regular contributions as well as loaning cash to help cut the cost of borrowing to finance extension work.

The lodge’s first charitable donation was at the Installation in 1931 when a cheque was presented for 20 guineas.

The first major landmark in charitable donations was when the 1952 Festival Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution benefited by a total of £1,684 18s 4d from St Oswald Lodge and its individual members, 27 of whom qualified as Stewards of the Festival.

During the lodge’s first 25 years more than £2,278 was donated to charity and the next 25 years saw another £2,788 handed over for charitable work.

Between 1980 and 2012 the charitable efforts of St Oswald members leapt dramatically bringing the total donations handed over at Installation ceremonies to more than £45,000. In 2010 the lodge became a Grand Patron of the New Masonic Samaritan Fund Festival.

In addition more than £2,000 was raised by the St Oswald Lodge Ladies’ Committee when it was active.

The largest donation to date was made at the Lodge’s 75th anniversary celebration when its efforts benefitted charities by £4,300.