Good Companions Lodge No. 7531


Good Companions Lodge was consecrated on Wednesday, 30th. October 1957 by W. Bro. L.E. Rutherford, P.G.D., Deputy Provincial Grand Master for the Provincial Grand lodge of Lancashire (Western Division) with W. Bro. Thomas W. Ward P.G.D. Assistant Provincial Grand Master as Installing Master. They were assisted By the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro Percy A. Shaw P.Pr.G.W. who later became an Assistant Provincial Grand Master and W.Bro. Harry A. Fry P.G.D. Provincial Grand Secretary, a figure also well known and respected in the world of international rugby union. W. Bro. Shaw was later to attend the lodges 21st. Anniversary celebration as a guest of the lodge.

The founder members of the lodge were

W. Bro. J.Furnival P.Pr. A.G..D.C.;W. Bro R. Ashworth P.Pr.G.D.;W. Bro.L.Silcock P.Pr.G.D.; W.Bro‘s. H.Lea; H.Kitchen; H.H.Creighton; Bro‘s. G.Peacock; F.Beswick; C.Carter; J.A.Simpson, K.W.Greaves; C.Hill; T.Bate; S.J.Morris; H.Stirrup; W.Williams and G.Peacock Jnr. Incidentally it should be noted that W.Bro. Silcock and Bro. Carter were also members of Warrington lodge No.6987, one of our partners in Optima Lodge.

Our mother Lodge was Liverpool Dramatic No. 1609 who in those days met at Hope Street, Liverpool. The lodge used to meet on the second Tuesday from October to May except for September when the installation was held on a Wednesday and December when no meeting was held. The reason for this was the fact that the original members of the lodge comprised of a number of local shop keepers who chose Wednesday for the installation, which used to start at 3.00pm, as this was Warrington half day closing. December was also excluded as this was a busy time for the shop traders leading up to Christmas.

The first Worshipful Master was W. Bro. H. Kitchen and at the first regular meeting in November Mr. Thomas Reginald Birmingham was the first candidate for initiation who himself became Worshipful Master in 1965.

The first officers of the lodge were: –

S.W.             W. Bro. L. Silcock, P.Pr.G.D.
J. W.             Bro.G.Peacock.
Chaplian     W.Bro.J. Furnival, P.Pr.A.G.D.C
Treasurer   Bro. J.A.Simpson.
Secretary   Bro. T.Bate.
D.C.              W.Bro. H.H. Creighton.
S.D.              Bro. E. .Shaw
J.D.              Bro. C.Carter.
A.D.C.        W.Bro. R.Ashworth, P.Pr.G.D.
I.G.              Bro.S.J. Morris
Stewards   Bro.F.Beswick.
Bro.G.Peacock Jnr.
Tyler           Bro.H.Stirrup.


Considering the short history of the lodge we initiated 80 brethren and are able to boast a high number of Lewis’s namely (in alphabetical order) R.Almond; P.Brenchley; G.Hough; A.John; C.Ritchie; K.Simpson; R. Wallen and D.Wilding. Also two of our founder members , Bro‘s. G. Peacock and G.Peacock Jnr are father and son.

On 12th. September 1989 we were honoured by the attendance of. W. Bro H. Dennis Rudd, at our installation meeting. This was W. Bro Dennis’s first visit to any lodge as the representative of the Provincial Grand Master and the lodge members are justly proud of this fact.

One of the highlights in the lodges history was the visit of The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Kenneth E. Moxley who honoured the lodge by attending our installation ceremony on the 13th. September 1994 to witness the installation of W.Bro. D. Wilding into the chair for a second time. He was attended by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies W.Bro. H.D.Rudd who is now our Assistant Provincial Grand Master and an Honorary member of the lodge.

The lodge achieved a reputation in the Warrington group for its high standard of ritual and for its excellent and happy atmosphere at the social boards. This atmosphere was maintained right up to our last meeting held on Tuesday 11th. April 2006.


Written By W.Bro. D.Wilding P.Pr.J.G.W.
Assisted by W.Bro. W.C.R. Wallen P.Pr.J.G.W.