Optima Lodge No. 6101

(formerly Winmarleigh Lodge No. 6101)


This Information has been produced to mark the occasion of the Amalgamation Ceremony of Optima Lodge No. 6101. formed on 13th September 2006 by the amalgamation of: Winmarleigh Lodge No. 6101, Warrington Lodge No. 6987 and Lodge of Good Companions No.7531.


The brief histories of the three Lodges have been written in very different ways by the Secretaries and, in the case of Good Companions, by the Treasurer assisted by the Secretary. They are “Brief Histories” and only reflect the vast amount of events which have taken place over the combined 169 years of Masonry within the three Lodges.

As you would expect, it has been a difficult road to shed the different traditions, reflected in the histories, but, after many hours of discussion, compromises were made on all sides to forge a basis on which to develop new traditions, unique to Optima Lodge.


History of  Warrington Lodge No. 6987

History of  Good Companions Lodge No. 7531

History of Winmarleigh Lodge No. 6101