Warrington Masonic Lodges, 1765 to 1990


All these Lodges are still holding regular meetings in the Warrington Masonic Hall.


Lodge of Lights No 148 was founded in 1765.

In that year HMS Victory was launched, 40 years later becoming Admiral Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar. The British parliament passed the Stamp Act for taxing the American colonies.


Warrington Lodge of Concord No 1250, formerly Gilbert Greenall Lodge was founded in 1869.

In that year the Suez Canal was opened, the Cutty Sark was launched and Mark Twain wrote “The Innocents”.


Lodge of Charity No 2651 was founded in 1897.

In that year Anthony Eden and Aneurin Bevan were born, the RAC was founded and Kipling wrote “Captain Courageous”.


True Light Lodge of Friendship No 2963 formerly Lodge of Friendship was founded in 1903.

In that year the “Entente Cordial “was established, the Royal Navy College at Dartmouth was established and the Wright Brothers made their first flight in an aeroplane.


Lodge of Great Endeavour No 3597, formerly Lodge of Rectitude was founded in 1912.

In that year RMS Titanic sank on her maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg with the loss of 1,513 lives. FW Woolworth Company (Woolies) was founded. Somerset Maughan wrote “The Land of Promise”and Scott of the Antarctic reached the South Pole.


Travellers Lodge No 4679 was founded in 1924.

In that year the Olympic Games were held in Paris, Rocky Marciano was born, Noel Coward wrote “The Vortex” and Lenin the founder of the USSR died.


Ashmole Lodge No 5128 was founded in 1929.

In that year Sterling Moss was born, the Graff Zeppalin flew around the world, 21,255 miles, in 20 days 4 hour and 14 minutes, Ernest Hemingway wrote “A Farewell to Arms”, and WA Morrison invented the Quartz-Clock.


St Oswald Lodge No 5170 was founded in 1930.

In that year Amy Johnson flew solo from London to Australia, the planet Pluto was discovered by CW Tombaugh at the Lowel Observatory, TS Eliot wrote “Ash Wednesday”and Max Schmeling won the world heavyweight Boxing Championship.


Optima Lodge No 6101 formerly Winmarleigh Lodge was founded in 1945.

In that year the war in Europe ended with VE day on the 7th May, Fleming won the Nobel prize for the discovery of Penicillinand Family allowance was introduced in Britain.


Newton Lodge No 6288 and Warrington Temple Lodge No 6420 were both founded in 1947.

In that year the coal industry was nationalised. India became independent to become, India and Pakistan. Princess Elizabeth married Phillip Mountbatten, (Duke of Edinburgh).


Boteler Lodge No 7367 was founded in 1954.

In that year ITV was established in the UK, Roger Bannister ran the first sub four minute mile and Gordon Richards became the first Jockey to be Knighted.


Birchwood Lodge No 8861 was founded in 1978.

In that year Argentina won the World Cup and the Super Tanker Amoco Cadiz broke up in rough seas off the Brittany coast.


Mersey Valley Lodge No 9057 was founded in 1982.

In that year Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands in which HMS Shefield was sunk  by an exocet missile and HMS Conquerer sank the General Belgrano. Henry the Viii flagship the Mary Rose was raised and is now an exhibit in Portsmouth Dockyard.


Academy Lodge No 9382 was founded in 1990.

In that year Nelson Mandela was released from prison in South Africa and the war in Yugoslavia broke out between the Serbs and Croats.



Prepared by W.Bro Colin Boardman