Fellowship Outing

Fellowship Outing
Warr Fellowship Trip Pic 1

Fellowship outing to Hawes.

Recently the Warrington Group Masonic Fellowship took a trip to one of the most beautiful parts of the country, Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales, home of Wensleydale cheese and visitor centre.
They enjoyed a demonstration of cheese being made and the history of Wensleydale cheese which the group found very informative and interesting. There was also a museum with a gallery from which visitors can see the cheese being made in the factory. The cheese tasting shop was very popular and the restaurant was highly recommended by all the members.
The menu and food was excellent, one of the best lunches they have enjoyed on all their trips. The group then moved to the other side of the village to a rope making factory and were fascinated by the vastnumber of different types of ropes and twine that were being made into everyday items.
The group said it was a very enjoyable day out and the weather was good to them. They are now starting toplan their next trip, but all agree that this one will take some beating!