Daniel attains his third degree

The October meeting of the Lodge of Lights No 148 was highly honoured by the presence of Assistant Provincial Grand Master Antony Bent, Gordon Amos, David Redhead, Paul Hesketh and Colin Rowling.

Daniel (Danny) Wheatley a member of the Lodge of Lights No 148 has recently attained his third degree. The ceremony was expertly undertaken by the lodge members and chaired by Gwilym Jones WM. It was a very sincere and emotional experience for Danny.

Pictured left to right, are: David Harrison (SW) and proposer, Peter Range (SD), Danny Wheatley and John Gregory (acting JD) and seconder

Danny is 48 years old and lives in the Orford district of Warrington. He runs the local community centre which covers events that involve over 100 local people including luncheon clubs, bingo evenings, social events and day trips to various places. He enjoys cruise holidays, family time and his two dogs.

Danny was initiated in February and passed to the second degree in May. For his third degree Peter Range confidently guided Phil through the ceremony, assisted by John Gregory. The completion of the traditional history was extremely well delivered by George Range. The whole ceremony ran very smoothly with Gwilym in the chair, under the direction of Eric Delamere DC.

Pictured left to right, are: Paul Hesketh, Gordon Amos, Anthony Bent, Danny Wheatley, Gwilym Jones, Colin Rowling and David Redhead

The collection plate and raffle raised a total of over £180. In conclusion it was an excellent night with a very sincere ceremony and good food.


Story and pictures by John Starkey