Centenary Warrant Discovered

LOL Centenary Warrant Discovered Pic 1
ln autumn 2014 Warrington Museum of Freemasonry (WMF) was contacted by Michelle Hill from Warrington Museum, who asked for our help in identifying a document on vellum, found in the museum archives. The document had been found during archive checks, it had not previously been identified as being of any significance.

The Curator and Archivist of WMF were very surprised to be able to tell the Warrington Museum that the document was in fact the original lodge centenary warrant from 1865, which had been presented to the Lodge of Lights No148 whilst Sir Gilbert Greenall was Master, at this time the lodge was meeting in the Nags Head public house Sankey Street Warrington.

How the document came into the possession of Warrington Museum is unclear but it is possible that during the widening of Sankey Street in 1929, when the Nags Head (by that time renamed the Queens Hotel) was demolished, the document was discovered and taken to Warrington Museum for safekeeping.