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  • Lodge of Charity No. 2651 A Timeline Drama and Pageant

    As part of the Tercentenary Celebrations in the Warrington Group, The Lodge of Charity is hosting “A Timeline Drama and Pageant” illustrating the progress of Masonry in England leading up to the evolution of Grand Lodge…..

  • Visiting Welsh Mason sings for his supper

    It was a double tracing board evening at the Ashmole Lodge No 5128 for the benefit of the latest initiate Mark Keig. The decision had been taken to allow Mark some respite from his journey to the third degree and give him time to reflect on events thus far…

  • Communication is essential

    an annual basis to discuss current issues and to share thoughts and ideas. It has proved to be a very positive way to ensure good levels of communications are shared. This is usually organised around a luncheon where all are relaxed and share information rather informally, in a friendly, informative and supportive manner…

  • Alan Murray’s visit to Varna

    Since moving to Bulgaria Alan Murray has maintained his membership of Newton Lodge No 6288 and strong links with David Whitmore the WM and subsequently has just sent an update. Alan reports he had a great visit to a lodge in Varna. One of his friends whom he plays golf with is WM of St […]

  • The Debaters

    Mock Debate on Famous Masons

    Following the regular January Meeting of Travellers’ Lodge No 4679 they held a mock debate on the subject of Famous Masons. The Travellers’ Lodge Amateur Dramatic members, after having received RADA training, (Really Awful Dialects and Accents)…

  • Carl Fisher (left) being presented by Chris.

    Charity begins at home

    Each year Chris Todd a Provincial officer and charity steward for the Warrington Lodge of Concord No 1250 finds the best excuse not to sit down and write those ever increasing number of Christmas cards.

  • Safe and secure

    A secure future for Ashmole Lodge

    Ashmole Lodge No 5128 appeared to be looking to their future security as a security manager was initiated in fine style. Mark Keig had been proposed by Tony Chin and seconded by Mike Cunliffe…

  • Lodge has two ‘Lewises’

    A Warrington lodge now has two ‘Lewises’ and both of their fathers were directly involved in their son’s initiations…

  • Centenary Warrant Discovered

    ln autumn 2014 Warrington Museum of Freemasonry (WMF) was contacted by Michelle Hill from Warrington Museum, who asked for our help in identifying a document on vellum, found in the museum archives…

  • New and Young Masons clubs conference

    A conference was recently held at grand lodge to bring together Masons interested in the idea of forming a group of brethren who are new to Freemasonry or are young members.

  • Warrington’s contingent at the Cowper Trophy

    This year the event took place at Roose Community Bowling Club based at the Conservative Club, Barrow in Furness. The Warrington contingency consisted of John Gregory, Chris Gleave plus Andrew and David Anderson.