Barry’s Story…

This is a story written by Barry Corcoran WM of Travellers Lodge No 4679 describing his birthday holiday with several surprises.


Barry, along with his partner Angela decided to celebrate his two wonderful years in the chair, combined with both their birthdays occurring in same week, they decided to arrange a holiday in mid-November. He considered this to be a great way to finish off his time in office.


It was his 50th birthday and to celebrate the big event, he rented for seven days, Rosslyn Castle, in the village of Roslin which is situated in the Scottish Glen by Rosslyn Chapel. Over the course of the week his partner Angela celebrated her birthday too. Their families made the long journey to visit them on their respective birthdays.


As a surprise Angela, behind the scenes, had made contact with Rosslyn St Clair Lodge No 606. After speaking with their Secretary Peter Avent, Peter made arrangements to invite Barry to their regular lodge meeting in November in which they performed a third degree ceremony. He was made to feel very welcome by the members of the lodge. After the proceedings the Worshipful Master, WRM Alan Henderson extended  his best wishes to members of Travellers Lodge No 4679, on behalf of the brethren of Rosslyn St Clare No 606 and of course, himself.

Pictured are: Alan Henderson (left) and Barry Corcoran.

To finish Barry and Angela’s week, Chris and Hannah Gleave along with John and Rosie Walkey came to visit. Angela had arranged a full Masonic tour of Rosslyn Chapel for everyone, guided by the lodge secretary, Peter. Refreshments were supplied at the lodge later that afternoon by the brethren.

Pictured left to right, are: Barry, Angela, Hannah, Chris, Peter Avent and John.

Barry extended an open invitation to all the brethren and partners of Rosslyn St Clair’s Lodge No 606 to go back to the castle later that evening, where they continued celebrating into the early hours.

Pictured are: Barry’s group with Lodge members of St Clair Lodge and their ladies extending the celebration.

Barry said he would like to thank Angela, the brethren and partners of Rosslyn St Clair Lodge No 606 and members of our Warrington Group for making his 50th celebration such a memorable one. Barry concluded by saying they had all made lifelong friends across the border and hoped that his story will inspire brethren to seek out other lodges in other areas especially when on holiday.


Story and pictures by Barry Corcoran edited by John Starkey.