Alan Murray’s visit to Varna

Pictured Alan (left) and Ivan Sariev in Varna Bulgaria.

Pictured Alan (left) and Ivan Sariev in Varna Bulgaria.

Since moving to Bulgaria Alan Murray has maintained his membership of Newton Lodge No 6288 and strong links with David Whitmore the WM and subsequently has just sent an update.

Alan reports he had a great visit to a lodge in Varna. One of his friends whom he plays golf with is WM of St Nicolas lodge No 54 in Varna, Bulgaria and had invited him to visit his lodge. It is a Bulgarian lodge and they had a first degree ceremony planned to take place, to which Alan was invited and which he enjoyed very much. As a very big bonus, Ivan Sariev the Grand Master of Bulgaria was also in attendance. Alan continued by saying Ivan endeared himself to all the brethren and had a questions and answers session at the social board, which was also excellent. The ceremony was all in Bulgarian but Alan indicates that his Bulgarian is improving but there are a lot of similarities with English emulation.

Alan continued by reporting that there were around 30 Masons at the meeting, with four visiting masters from other lodges. The first degree candidate also had a special treat, as Ivan invested him with his first degree apron and gave an explanation of the charge and first degree tracing board (Bulgarian equivalent).

Alan’s own lodge is the Black Sea Anchor Lodge No 57, being the only English emulation lodge in the Balchik area of Bulgaria. The lodge reconvenes after a short winter break in March and have a busy four months until the summer break, with the ladies’ evening in March, a second degree ceremony, two firsts and the installation, which will be to install Darren Best SW. However, Darren is currently in the UK for health reasons. Alan and his wife Vasi, also asked for their best wishes to be passed to everyone in the Warrington Group