Academy Lodge No 9382

There was an unusual ending to the meeting of Academy Lodge on in November 2018, for after the lodge had been closed with due ceremony and harmony, the brethren remained in their respective places in the lodge room and continued to wear their regalia, which, on this occasion, was full dress.


The reason for this was soon made apparent when as had been pre-arranged, Vic Charlesworth, Curator of the Warrington Museum of Freemasonry, was admitted into the lodge escorting some 20 Ladies and five Gentlemen. There was no cause for alarm because non-members were in the lodge room, as dispensation had been granted by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master.


The visitors were asked to be seated in the south  west of the lodge room whilst Vic explained that our visitors were members of the Appleton Branch of the “The National Women’s Register” (NWR) whose mission is to connect women who are interested in everything and talk about anything. More can be gleaned about them if you go online.


The visit into the lodge room was finale to a talk that the museum curator had been giving to them about Freemasonry. Academy senior warden Graham Greenall was invited to give an explanation of the various offices of the lodge, which he did with great aplomb. This was followed with a question and answer session after which the visitors retired from the lodge and proceeded to the dining room where they were treated to a hotpot supper.


The brethren of the lodge then retired from the lodge room.

Pictured are: Visitors and members enjoying their hotpot.


Story and pictures by Colin Boardman and Eric Kehoe.