A secure future for Ashmole Lodge

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Ashmole Lodge No 5128 appeared to be looking to their future security as a security manager was initiated in fine style. Mark Keig had been proposed by Tony Chin, the MD of a Hotel Security Company, who has known him for 14 years and confidently seconded by Mike Cunliffe.

Having been admitted by Peter Lau he was placed in the care of Tony who had been appointed JD in September. This was the first time he was to walk onto the floor with a candidate but there was no evidence of nerves. The ceremony went according to plan, with Derek Houghton WM doing the majority of the work.

As the address in the northeast approached, Derek asked for brother Wilson to assist him with the next part of the ceremony. There was a puzzled look on the faces of two members, brothers Keith and Andrew Wilson, which turned to relief as the organist brother Brian Wilson, responded in the affirmative.

Brian delivered the address in a meaningful and measured fashion. It was then an opportunity for the IG, Peter Lau to do his first work on the floor, having been initiated himself scarcely a year previously. He was called upon to present and explain the working tools which he did faultlessly with no outer indication of nerves.

The Charge was presented by Mike Williams ADC and Mike Moore DC, although the bulk of the address was in the hands of the former. Derek then welcomed Mark the newly made brother who took his place in the lodge.

Mutterings were audible from the brethren to the right of the WM and elsewhere, since it was noted that Mark was not wearing gloves!  However, this stopped abruptly when Derek invited Kevin Taylor, a member of Astley and Ellesmere Lodge No 230, a guest of Mike Moore, to present and explain the significance of the white gloves. The address was made in rapt silence since this was the first time that this had been heard in Ashmole Lodge. On completion it was met with spontaneous approbation.

Eric Miller SW, was then called upon to explain the grand lodge certificate to Peter Lau which he did in masterful fashion. The lodge completed its business with compliments for the quality of the work coming from Jack Forsyth, a grand officer. Those comments were echoed by Andy Barton group chairman, who was making a private visit to the Lodge.

At the festive board the customary ‘turkey et al’ was served and enjoyed by all.  All in all an excellent close to the year for the lodge and an exhibition of team work at its best!


Pic 1: Safe and secure.