A fun afternoon reindeer racing

Warrington Masonic Hall was full of laughter, giggles and the occasional squeals of happy children. Approximately 50 adults and 20 children enjoyed an afternoon of fun and laughter whilst playing games all wrapped up in the theme of Christmas. Children were allocated a reindeer for a particular race, the throw of two dice determined which reindeer and how many squares they moved until a winner appeared. There were several races so that every child had the opportunity to be involved, which they all enjoyed or at least they all seemed too by the amount of laughter that accompanied each race!

The highlight of the afternoon was a visit from Santa. He met all the children and each was given a selection box, which were very well received. A very happy and successful afternoon was had by all.

Dave Tabron, social secretary closed the afternoon’s fun and games by wishing Season’s Greetings to everyone with a hope that all the children would have a Happy Christmas in anticipation that Santa would bring them all the presents they wished for!

Pictured from left to right, are: Brenda Delamere, Sue Tabron, Santa and Val Gregory.