A day out beside the sea

Recipients and supporters of the Warrington Group members travelled to Blackpool to attend the Provincial grand lodge held at the Winter Gardens. The day was sunny and warm, just right for travelling to the seaside which made the journey comfortable and a delight to be in the car or bus. Arriving in Blackpool saw the sight of many gentlemen in morning suits all carrying small bags scattered over the city centre and were instantly recognisable as being on the same business for the day!  From an aerial viewpoint it must have looked like many ants all going into one central location.

The meeting was well supported by brethren from the Warrington Group. Several were appointed as acting officers, first time appointments and promotions. They were accompanied by many brethren who attended to support their brothers and friends and just to enjoy the day.


Pictured: Some of the Warrington contingent at Provincial Grand Lodge.


First Appointments: Acting Ranks:

Leslie Savage (PrAGDC), St Oswald Lodge No 5170. Stephen Derringer (PrGOrg), Lodge of Charity No 2651. Howard Savage (PrGStwd), St Oswald Lodge No 5170.

First Appointments: Past Ranks:

Barry Hodson (PPrSGD), Boteler Lodge No 7367. Alan Thomas (PPrSGD), Warrington Lodge of Concord No 1250. Roy Burke (PPrAGDC), Lodge of Lights No 148. Peter Roberts (PPrAGSuptWks),  Lodge of Charity No 2651. Ted Tipton (PPrAGSuptWks), Lodge of Charity No 2651.

Promotions: Past Ranks:

Vic Charlesworth (PPrSGW), Lodge of Charity No 2651. Michael Moore (PPrGSwdB), Ashmole Lodge No 5128. George Bennett (PPrGSuptWks), Boteler Lodge No 7367. Alan Blackstone (PPrGSuptWks), Ashmole Lodge No 5128. Ian Boardman (PPrGSuptWks), Birchwood Lodge No 8861. Alan Bristow (PPrGSuptWks), Lodge of Charity No 2651. Brian Ramsdale (PPrGSuptWks), True Light Lodge of Friendship No 2963. Michael Ryder (PPrGSuptWks),  Newton Lodge No 6288. David Segar (PPrDGSuptWks), Ashmole Lodge No 5128. Gareth Finlay (PPrSGD), Birchwood Lodge No 8861. Stanley Jackson (PPrSGD), Lodge of Lights No 148.


On conclusion of the Provincial grand lodge many of the brethren stayed and enjoyed a wonderful evening coupled with an excellent meal and wine.

Pictured: Brethren enjoying the banquet following Provincial Grand Lodge


Story by John Starkey.